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Book Club

The book club meets on the first Monday of every month and discusses that month’s reading.

Garden Club

The garden club meets to discuss plants, visit greenhouses, and decorate the neighborhood each Christmas with greenery.

Welcome Committee

The welcome committee is responsible for welcoming new neighbors and bringing them information about their new home and neighborhood.

Pool Committee

The pool committee is responsible for the maintenance and lifeguards at the neighborhood pool.

Architectural Control Committee

The architectural control committee is responsible for maintaining control of any home additions, whether they be expansions, outbuildings, or fences.

Children’s Committee

The children’s committee is responsible for organizing all children’s events. Such events are the easter egg hunt, Christmas caroling, and the annual 4th of July bike parade.

Golf Tournament Committee

The golf tournament committee is responsible for organizing all annual Highland Forest golf tournaments held at Nob North Golf Course.

Communications Committee

The communications committee is responsible for maintaining the website, writing the newsletter, and managing social media accounts.