I would like to update you on what the Board has been doing for our neighborhood.  Please remember, all residents are welcome at our meetings the dates are posted on the sign and Highland Highlights.

First off, we have a golf tournament on May 6th that is free to HFLA members call Zach Smith, Michael Willocks, Les Sanders or Brian Howard to register.

We have been repairing and replacing facilities which have either been damaged or just need updating due to wear and tear.  

We are having a neighborhood workday at the park on May 20th starting around 10am. We will clean up the park area as well as work on projects involving the dam issues.  We hired roto rooter to address the drain lines at the dam.  We were able to get the west line to function at 100%. The drain line on the East will have to be replaced. However, we are blessed to have a board member Andrew Nix who has done work on systems like ours,so he is going to show us how to replace the line. We will do the work during the workday at the park. We also need to place “rip rap” or rocks on the back side of the dam spillway. When the spillway was cut down several years ago it was done with a lean or grade towards one side.  This caused erosion by forcing the water to one side.  We will use the rip rap we have had delivered at the park to fill in the areas of water damage and stop further erosion or damage to our dam during the workday.

A company has been to work on the pool including repairs and maintenance. They will be cutting the concrete and laying new lines for water and drainage to replace the lines that no longer function after the new clubhouse was built. They will also be replacing the old 1970s baby blue tile which was falling off and restructuring the pump system lines to make the system function better.

Lastly, we are also looking to resurface the tennis court on the West side at the park.  We are going to expand it from 2 pickleball courts to 3 since that area has been getting a lot of use.  If you know of any company that repairs cracks and then resurfaces tennis courts, contact Dan Marcadis as he is heading up that project.  

I look forward to seeing everyone at the parkworkday on the 20th.



Chip Whitfield