It is that time of year again, the pool is open and busy! We have seen so many residents already out enjoying this wonderful amenity. We have also had inquiries from many members regarding operating hours and rules of use. You can find the complete Pool Rules document by logging in to your account at Below is a brief summary of the most frequently asked questions.

Hours of Operation (hours will change in August once school is back in session):

Monday - Saturday, 11am - 9pm

Sunday, 12pm - 9pm

The pool can be reserved for private parties from 9am-11am or 9pm-11pm Monday - Saturday and 9pm-11pm only on Sunday. Reservations are made through the online system at There is a charge for private parties to cover the additional lifeguard costs. Upon booking it is recommended that you drop your check off to the lifeguards so the Pool Liaison can coordinate lifeguards for your requested party date and confirm the booking.

What is Adult Swim? Approximately 10 minutes before the end of every hour the lifeguards will blow the whistle for "Adult Swim". The lifeguards will leave the stands at this time and all children under the age of 15 must exit the pool for 10 minutes. The lifeguards will return to the stands and blow the whistle at the end of 10 minutes letting children know they can get back in the pool.

Do I need to present any special identification? No identification is needed, you must simply sign-in at the lifeguard window upon entering the pool area.

Is there a fee to swim? There is no fee for Highland Forest residents to use the pool.

Can I bring a guest or non-resident? All guests residing within Whitfield County must be accompanied by a resident and pay a $3 fee per person. Exceptions to the fee include a babysitter present with resident child(ren) and grandchildren of residents up to the age of 19.  All guests residing outside of Whitfield County do not have to pay the guest fee.

At what age can my child(ren) go to the pool alone? Resident child(ren) must be a rising 6th Grader (summer between 5th and 6th grade) to use the pool without an adult present. If these children are acting inappropriately or unsafe the lifeguards may require them to have an adult present.