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Statement for Proxy and Voting

Members in good standing who may be absent from the meeting and election or cannot personally vote on election day because of illness or physical disability may vote by proxy.  All proxies shall be in writing and filed by Monday, November 8 at 4 PM (ARTICLE 3. SEC 5). No proxies will be accepted after the deadline of the election.  The Highland Forest Board mailed all residents a copy of the Proxy form, identifiable by the official logo on the document. You may have also received a different proxy from a resident that wishes to be nominated from the meeting floor. While the Nominations Committee has selected certain candidates to be nominated at the annual meeting, additional nominations can be made from the floor. The HFLA Board of Directors does not endorse any one candidate for election.

Online Broadcast

We want to encourage all residents to attend the November 9, 2021 Annual HFLA Business Meeting at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary at the Varnell United Methodist Church. We understand that not all residents can attend in person. As such, this year’s meeting will be broadcast live on the internet in an effort to give those that cannot attend in person an opportunity to hear the discussions in real time. Multiple camera angles and microphones will make it possible to see and hear both the Board and any resident that chooses to speak. If, for some reason, a resident asking a question is unable to step to a microphone, a Board Member will repeat the question into the microphone to be sure it can be clearly heard by those watching online. We want to thank the Varnell United Methodist Church Audiovisual team for so generously providing us with use of their equipment, live stream, and their time for making this possible.

For those not in physical attendance at the meeting, we will not be able to allow comments during the meeting. In-person attendance or the submission of a proxy in compliance with the bylaws is required in order to vote.

At meeting time, the online broadcast will be viewable On Varnell UMC's YouTube Channel. Click this link and then click the YouTube Video that indicates it's "Live".

Post-Meeting Feedback

We have provided a place on the Highland Forest Website for online viewers and meeting attedants to submit questions, concerns and constructive feedback. Submissions will be reviewed by the HFLA Communications Committee after the meeting and responded to accordingly. Online submissions will not be reviewed live in the meeting.

To comment on the meeting and/or online broadcast, please click the following link and login with your resident account.

Related Documents

The following documents are provided for residents to review in preparation for the HFLA Annual Business Meeting. The documents will be presented and discussed during the annual meeting.