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Our Declarations and neighborhood covenants require each lot owner to pay annual assessments whether you use all or any the neighborhood functions and activities. They further state that any resident who has an unpaid balance, unless you have a payment plan in place, is not permitted to use any of the amenities funded by the HFLA. This includes use of the pool, use and reservations for pool parties, Community Center, and pavilion. Since these nonpayment accounts affect future assessment rates, in fairness to the residents who have paid, we will enforce these rules.

If you are past due, please submit your payment to: HFLA, Box 139, Varnell, GA 30756

In addition to the no-use rules, these unpaid assessments have late charges and finance charges added to the account. Plus, those in arrears for an extended period will have liens or legal actions filed against them with attorney fees added to the account. This followup on unpaid assessments takes a lot of the Board's and Committee Chairs' time and resources that could instead be used on more positive improvement to the community.

The Association wants to be sensitive to those that have faced unforeseen health and financial difficulties over the past year. There are options available to you in these cases. First, a group of residents have initiated and funded a Scholarship Fund to help pay assessments for those suffering those setbacks. The HIGHLAND FOREST ASSISTANCE can help those unable to pay assessments by calling Chip Whitfield to apply. In addition, you can contact Treasurer, Rick Johnson at 706-694-3250 to work out a payment plan.

In advance, we want to thank all those that are current on their accounts and those who are willing to make payment now or explore the other options available to you.