The HFLA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14, 2023 starting at 7pm (doors will open at 6:30). The meeting will be held in the Sanctuary of the Varnell Methodist Church (3845 Highway 2, Cohutta GA -- there is an entrance located off Country Way between Highway 2 and Upper Varnell Road).

There are three HFLA Board positions up for election as Chip Whitfield, Dan Marcadis and Johnny Clinton are completing their terms. You must be present or submit a completed proxy form before the meeting in order to vote for these positions and any other items that may come up for vote during the meeting. Proxy forms were distributed in hard copy with the meeting notices that were sent to all residences.

The candidates on the ballot will include the following residents as well as any that may nominate from the floor during the meeting. Each candidate was invited to include a brief statement or biography, these are included below.

  • John Beazle IV
    I have lived in Highland Forest since September 1995 when my wife and I purchased our home. We moved to this area because of a job transfer. We have found the area to be an excellent place to live and retire. We are very happy to be here.

    After retiring from the military in 1993, I returned to my enjoyment of finance and numbers. I have been in the financial, accounting, and tax preparation/representation industry since then. I have owned my business since 1998. I am an Enrolled Agent (like attorneys and CPA’s, have unlimited practice right to represent clients before the IRS) and National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) Fellow. I am a member of National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), and The Tax Pro Fellowship. I have served on the state boards of NATP and NAEA in multiple positions including President and Vice President.

    I served on the HFLA board in the late 1990’s in various positions. It would be an honor to return to the board.

  • Chris Goulart

    I have lived in this community since 2017.  My wife, Julia Nguyen, and our daughter, Amelia, and I have participated in neighborhood projects and events consistently throughout our time here.   I have given both sweat equity and donations to ensure this neighborhood remains a secret treasure of Whitfield county that we all have the good fortune to be a part of.  Truly a blessing.

    Jules and I worked hard in making sure the neighborhood golf tournaments survived for two years throughout covid and other neighborhood issues relevant at that time.  This brought about the F.G.S. tournaments.   

    I made sure the 4th of the July kid’s parade was going to happen by bringing neighbors together in spite of the ongoing differences at the time.  I also assisted with issues affecting our community pool and made sure it was filled by obtaining fire hoses and water meters to legally use a fire hydrant on multiple occasions and supplied chemicals for the pool as well as donated the grill at the pool.  I have also been a friend to the board and neighbors and I currently serve on the architectural committee.

    The HFLA Fall Festival was an idea that was conceived at our house during a cookout .  An idea that became a reality by bringing our neighbors together for the second year.  I feel that I understand people’s strengths and know how to delegate for a successful outcome.  This was also done with a minimum cost factor to the neighborhood.  The first year was sponsored by Dan Gilligan, Chip Whitfield, Absolutely Clean and Chris Goulart.

    Everything that I have done has always been with respective to the betterment of this community.

    I believe my business experience will benefit me as a member of the HFLA board.  I am Vice President of Operations for B2B USA LLC with offices in Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and Las Vegas.  I also own several other businesses within Whitfield County.   I successfully completed missions in Afghanistan as a security advisor and trainer working for the department of defense during 2006 and 2007.  I feel that I am a strong leader with a moral compass to do what’s right.

  • Rex Mayfield
    Hello, my name is Rex Mayfield. Our family has lived in Highland Forest for six years come April of 2024.  We love our neighborhood but mostly our neighbors. I would be honored to serve on this board if I were to receive your support.

    I am currently the operations manager at Sanco, Inc. in Dalton. I have served in this position since 2002.

    Thank you for your support!

  • Clyde Sheets, long time resident of 108 Golf View Drive
  • Jerrid Thompson
    My name is Jerrid Thompson I live at 4411 Honeysuckle Ln with my family; my wife of 21 years Denise and our two children Tristan and Catherine.
    I graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in Justice Studies and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. I was stationed at Fort Benning for four years while on Active duty. I finished my service in the Georgia National Guard. We moved to Dalton, where my wife is from, and I got a job as a State Probation Officer for felony offenders. Shortly after our move I was deployed to Iraq with the 48th Brigade Combat Team in 2005-2006. My final duty assignment was the Forward Support Company Commander in the 108th Cavalry out of Calhoun.
    I continued a career as a probation officer becoming an Assistant Chief and then a manager of a Misdemeanor Probation office until 2021.  I graduated from Savannah Law School, a branch of Atlanta's John Marshall Law School,  in 2020.  Passing the Georgia Bar I started my current career as a criminal defense attorney.  I started work as a Public Defender in the Walker county office in May 2021 until a position opened here in Whitfield county later that year and where I am still employed.
    What I bring to the Board:  I have many years of leadership experience in various roles, I am committed to selfless service--I believe that a leader must first learn how to follow and listen before any action of leadership can be put into practice, and a well ingrained sense of duty drilled into me since Army Basic Training in 1998.  These traits, I believe, are important to anyone in a position of responsibility of, among other things, taking the various interests of a community; having open communication and transparency; while incorporating as much of these interests as is reasonably possible into a cohesive plan.
    Bottom Line:  My interest in being a member of the Board is to be able to put my 23 years of leadership experience to use in listening to the interests or concerns of the community as a whole and make it the best place to live; to make it a place that people want to stay and others are waiting for a home to come available.  I live in this community with my family.  I want this to continue to be a place I enjoy, a place that is safe, a place we are all proud to call home.
    I look forward to the opportunity to represent this community.

  • Michael Willocks
    Our community is a great neighborhood with the best amenities you can find.I was blessed to grow up in Highland Forest.The great memories as a kid led me to purchase a home here and raise my children in the neighborhood.I have a lovely wife Michelle and two great sons Lanz and Gavin.I try to be an active member of our community and help whenever I can by participating in events like the park clean up and pitching in when people have trees fall helping them get the trees cut up and removed.I have coached multiple little league teams helping teach kids from our community sportsmanship and teamwork.I am a member of the golf committee and I also work at Nob North on weekends managing the shop.I am a department manager at Stanton Carpet and have been for 12 years.I believe my managerial skills will be an asset as a board member.I love the fact that we have all kinds of different events trying to have something for everyone young and old. I want to make sure that everyone feels like there is something they can participate in and feel included.Our community has been a blessing for my family.I ask that you allow me to be a servant leader on the HFLA board to be a part of keeping our neighborhood the best in North Georgia.