2023 Event Calendar
Sat, Jan 20, 6-10pm  --  Adult Trivia Night
Sun, Feb 12, 2-5pm -- Kids Bake Sale & Cake Walk
Sun, Mar 12, 2-5pm -- Family Candy Bar Bingo
Sat, Apr 1, 9am-1pm -- Kids Easter Egg Hunt
Mon, May 29, 11am-2pm -- Party @ the Pool
Sat, June 10, 11am - 4pm -- Summer Solstice
Sat, Jul 1, 10am - 4pm -- Family 4th of July
Sat, Aug 19, 7-11pm -- Back to School Swim
Sat, Sept 16, TBD -- Tailgate Weekend
Sat, Oct 21, TBD -- Fall Fest
Sat, Nov 11, TBD -- Veterans Day
Sat, Dec 9, 6pm - 9pm -- Kids Christmas Party
All dates, times and events are subject to change. Please subscribe to Highland Highlights and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all neighborhood activities.

In late 2022 we had several small committees join together to become the new HFLA Hospitality Group. This group is made up of what used to be the Welcome Committee, Communications Committee and Childrens Activities Committee. As a combined group our goal is to be able to improve our communication and increase our annual activities to include as many residents as possible.

We have long used the News page on our website, Facebook and the sign board outside the Community Center to pass information along to residents. In late September 2022 we distributed a printed Quarterly Resident Update to all residences (most were left at front doors or on the mailboxes). Our hope is that this printed document helps us reach those new to the neighborhood as well as those that are not online. The next Quarterly Resident Update will be distributed in the next couple of weeks.

We have also added to our annual events and activities in an effort to appeal to a broader audience. Do you have an idea for an event or activity? Would you like to help with one of the events already on the calendar? If so, please reach out to us at

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