Calling all Highland Forest Kid Bakers!!!

(...and baked goods enthusiasts of all ages)

50 Best Bake Sale Ideas to Make You the Coolest Parent Ever

Sunday, February 12, 2pm - 4pm

All Highland Forest Kids, through age 18, are invited to prepare their favorite baked goods for display and sale at this event. All treats must be home-baked by the resident presenting them for sale. Boxed cake mixes, pre-made frostings and similar are allowed as all recipes should be "kid friendly" to prepare based on age and skill set. This is not a fund raising event, each baker will keep their own earnings.

All residents are encouraged to come check out the talent and satisfy your sweet tooth or pick up some sweet treats for your special Valentine.

The sales will be open from 2pm - 4pm (or when supplies run out), participants an arrive up to 30 minutes early to set up and mingle with each other.  An RSVP to bring baked goods for sale is not required however it is encouraged as it will help with planning. You can email or text Nicole at 928-830-5701 for additional information or to RSVP.

Baking is a great way for kids to be creative while learning critical math and science skills. Selling their creations builds on the learning opportunity by adding in social and entrepreneurial skills.

If you have a small folding table please bring it in case additional presentation space is needed.