Highlands Garden Club wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Safe travels if you’re travelling, peace and happiness wherever you are.

Everyone is invited to join us for Hanging-of-the-Greens at the Clubhouse.  If you have any type of evergreen or magnolia trees/shrubs that can be trimmed, please contact  The schedule follows:

Tuesday, Nov. 29th  –  10:00 – 2:00 . . .    Patio gate at the clubhouse will be unlocked if you have “greens” to deliver.  Please cut in an approximate minimum of 36” (more is good!)

Wednesday, Nov. 30th    10:30 until . . .   Assembly of greenery (remember to bring clippers and gloves), decoration of clubhouse tree, very short meeting after which we will disperse to “HANG”!  Hostesses are Cindy Carson, Patti Smalley, and Arnetta Williams.

We would like to recognize and thank Nob North Golf for cleaning the curbs/gutters along the golf course on Country Way and Nob North Drive.  They look great!

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